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To be able to program a system, you must know it completely, both in terms of its structure and how it should work.


On the other hand, we strongly believe in the old, proven training principle that effective learning is done from the known to the unknown.


For this, the MicroProcess-1 comes with a program that, initially, allows students to start it, analyze it and understand how it works. Afterwards, they can design and implement their own programs to make each station work as they please.


MicroProcess-1 allows the programming of pots with balls and lids; the programming of grey parts of different thicknesses; the programming of parts of different colors and thicknesses, and finally the programming of combinations of grey and coloured parts.


The diversity of these parts makes numerous combinations possible. Therefore, it is possible to write separate programs from one team to another, without students copying each other, an important factor for the development of students' creativity.


Multi-configurability (word created by us)

Microprocess-1 has three distinct, independently configurable processes that can be implemented in any order without interfering with each other. This is multi-configurability.


Upon delivery, the system is configurable via its touch screen. Subsequently it can be configured by a computer through a network.

Industry 4.0 standard

The Industry 4.0 standard defines a new way of using production methods employing robotics, augmented reality, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. This allows for distributed automations, as opposed to centralized models. Thanks to its multi-configurability, MicroProcess-1 can be integrated into an industry 4.0 network.

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